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  • Purescriptions


    Holistic hair and scalp treatments based on Ayurvedic herbs to balance your scalp and get beautiful healthy shiny hair. Including a Stress-Relieving Chair Massage.

    Damage Remedy Treatment 27
    Dry Remedy Treatment 27

    Only bookable in combination with
    a cut of haircoloring.


    1h HairSpa
    The Facial for your Hair


    NEW Pranasana
    Scalp Treatment


  • Mixed Hair

    Mixed Hair

    Do you have strong curls or mixed hair and are you looking for a hairdresser who can handle your curls professionally? We understand that strongly curled or mixed hair must be cut and treated differently than straight and fine hair.

    Naturally mixed hair does not need to be washed often, but it does need a mask or hair cure regularly. Your hair is naturally drier than other types of hair and needs a lot of moisture and oil. We know that only a very small part of the ends is allowed when cutting!

    Mixed Hair  
    Haircut Man 57
    Haircut Woman 73

  • Color


    Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Colour immerses your hair in 99% natural dyes. We permeates every hair strand in castor and jojoba oils for perfect condition and beautiful lustrous hair.

    Permanent Color from 79
    Semi-Permanent Color from 79
    Re-Groth and Glossing from 79
    NEW Enlightenment Glossing from 46
    High Lights 1/2 Head from 102
    High Lights 1/1 Head from 136
    Color Cleansing from 56
    Pre-Coloration from 56

  • Transition to Grey

    Transition to Grey

    Do you want your colored hair to naturaly grow out into your natural gray hair?

    Transition to Gray is a personal step-by-step plan of approximately one year. You visit our hair salon every 3 months. Our hair stylists subtly place more and more lows and highlights with every visit to blend your gray and colored hair. This way you gradually get used to your own gray hair color, while our hairdressers monitor the quality and color of your hair well.

    Gradually your own sparkling and contemporary look appears!

      Price after consultation 
  • Beauty on Demand

    Beauty on Demand

    15 minute skin care rituals performed during your haircolor.
    A great way to try out our spa products. There is one suited for your skin type.

    Pure Focus Mini Facial 32
  • Make-Up


    A party, diner, or photo shoot? We will make sure you will look stunning! Natural Beauty, or a spectacular Smokey Eye? Just let us know!

    Makeup Touch Up   20
    Makeup Evening from 58
    Makeup Editorial from 115


  • Bridal


    Getting married soon? Congratulations! After an extensive proof hairdo and make up we make you shine on your special day!

    Bridal Proof Hairdo from 180
    Hairdo Wedding day from 90
    Bridal Proof Make up from 90
    Make up Wedding day from 58
    Bridal Manicure   67
  • hair donation?

    hair donation?

    It's possible to donate your hair at Dayspa! Your hair can be used to make hairpieces for sick children and adults.

    To qualify for this you must meet a number of criteria:

    header logo

    A hairpiece for childeren
    - Your hair is healthy
    - The minimum length is 30 cm
    - Your hair is clean and dry
    - Your hair is not colored
    - All natural hair colors are welcome, except gray

    Haarbank Logo

    A hairpiece for adults
    - All criteria as above, but also gray and dyed hair colors are welcome!

    We cut your hair with a 50% discount if you donate your hair. Are you under 16 years old? Then we cut you completely free of charge!

    Donation letter

Get Your Dream Hair

Annually, our stylists are trained by Aveda's Advanced Education Team consisting of absolute top stylists from Berlin, London, Milan and New York. Dayspa is an expert in professional hair coloring. Our extensive knowledge and years of experience guarantee professional advice with the utmost care for your hair.


• up to 99% natural derived ingredients
• optimal gray coverage
• amazing shine
• nourishes you hair with castor and jojoba oil
• long lasting colors
• choose from the entire color spectrum

Aveda Full Spectrum hair color immerses your hair in its 95% till 98% natural derived formulas for permanent colors, natural glossing formulas or semi-permanent dyes. We permeate every hair strand in sunflower, castor and jojoba oils to maintain the condition of your hair and create exceptional shine. Our patented green tea technology gives lifeful color tones.


The products we use

Aveda gif
Based on the ancient wisdom of life, Ayurveda. Aveda strives for a balance in life. In balance with ourselves, each other and the earth. Aveda products are people tested, sustainably developed and consist of 95% natural derived flower and plant extracts. Just to take care of our planet, the indigenous cultures with which they cooperate, and you.
Davines gif
This Italian brand is developing its own sustainable and environmentally friendly products for your hair and body. Davines products are made from natural ingredients and are developed with 100% renewable energy. The products are people, not animal, tested. The packaging, of fully recyclable materials, is produced in the upmost sustainable way.


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